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One Song Per Week #1 - Pro Infirmis 'Because Who Is Perfect'

I'm going to be sending one email per week highlighting a piece of music that I've made. Up until now, I've been making albums and they've been "released" through film & TV syncs, but I'm hoping this can be a more direct way to let people know to what I'm up to. I'm planning to send new songs, demos, alternate versions of songs and acoustic stuff, all in a bite size 3-4 minute package.

If you think that doesn't sound like your cup of tea feel free to unsubscribe and accept my apologies. Conversely, if you think of someone that you think would like to get them, please share so they can sign up. Feel free also to reply to the emails, whether it be good or bad. The nice stuff is always great to hear of course, but don't let me walk around all day if I've got my skirt tucked into my underwear.

First up is the reason most of you have ever heard of me (probably). The Pro Infirmis 'Because Who Is Perfect' video, featuring my song Lost At Sea. Extremely proud to have played a small part in the success of this one.

Stream the full version here

Buy the full version on iTunes here

Buy the CD here (it's on 'The Lucky Ones')



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